You've Built a Great Business...

So Now What?

  • You make over 1 million gross revenue
  • Your business can run without you
  • You are ready for a new endeavor

What is Nth Zone?

In 2010 Lee Godbold founded Junk Doctors, which steadily grew into a multi-million dollar a year business. Following success in the Junk removal business, he co-founded Junk Removal Authority, the first step towards what is now Nth Zone. Lee provides the junk removal know how with JRA, and it continues to provide training, marketing, a contact center, and other back end support for junk removal business across the United States. These business owners learned from the mistakes and successes Lee had, and could grow larger in a shorter period of time.

Nth Zone helps successful business owners teach and support other business owners. We sell Masterguides a training service that help them create their very own JRA within their niche. They advertise under a unique company name. Nth Zone represents you by selling and managing marketing, training, and contact center services under YOUR name. You are then compensated a percentage of the business you bring in. 
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