Operating your own business is difficult work. Maybe one of the toughest things about it is having to manage all those phone calls. They never seem to slow down! How can you stop being a slave to your phone without sacrificing business? The answer: Nth Zone™ Contact Center!

Our Contact Center Services

Anyone who has operated their own business can tell you how hard it can be to juggle phone calls. Like it or not, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean your callers are, and that means that sometimes, you’ll inevitably have to miss their calls. However, you don’t want those callers to move on to your competition, so what can you do? Here’s a thought: why not let Nth Zone™ Contact Center handle all your incoming business calls and inqueries for you?

Our call center staff are trained to answer business calls for you, and they also know how to turn callers into customers. Not only will we save you the time and effort of handling one call after another, but we’ll also earn you more appointments than you would have gotten on your own. Say goodbye to disruptive phone calls during your free time and say hello to the Nth Zone™ Contact Center! See our different tiers of call center services below.

Virtual Assistant

Your Personal Agent for Incoming Calls
A Virtual Assistant answers her customers' calls

Virtual Assistant

Your Personal Agent for Incoming Calls

When you need some extra assistance with both your business calls and administrative work, then our Virtual Assistant plan is worth your consideration. We will hire and train a personal agent who will answer all incoming calls on your behalf. Furthermore, this agent will know everything about your business and its brand.

What’s convenient about this personal agent is that they act as your own employee without forcing you to take managerial responsibilities. In fact, we’ll deal with quality assurance to make sure your agent keeps putting forth the excellent efforts your business deserves. Plus, not only can your agent take calls, but they can reply to emails along with service inquiries on websites such as Home Advisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. They can also handle administrative tasks and light dispatching. They’ll be like a member of your own team. Anything that can be done remotely, they can do for you!

Traditional Service

A Team that Answers Unlimited Calls
Highly-trained members of the Nth Zone Call Center answer customer questions and book jobs

Traditional Service

A Team that Answers Unlimited Calls

Our Traditional Service plan connects your customers with our expertly-trained team of agents. When customers call, an agent will pickup and identify themselves as your business, meaning your callers believe they are speaking with a local representative from your company. Additionally, you can record a custom welcome message to make a good first impression on anyone who calls.

With the Traditional Service package, Nth Zone™ Contact Center agents are trained via an intensive four-week program, teaching them everything there is to know about answering calls and converting callers into customers. We guarantee this quality with our call monitoring program to ensure each interaction holds up to our high standards.

+ Email Response Team Add-On: Our agents can also handle email correspondence for you. We will make sure each email inquiry receives a response, even if those messages somehow snuck into your spam folder.

+ Leads Response Team Add-On: On top of phone calls and emails, there is often work to be found on alternate platforms such as Home Advisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Our Leads Response Team will track down all these leads for you so that you don’t miss even a single job opportunity.

Back Up Service

Keep Booking Jobs Even After Hours
An agent takes roll over calls for an Nth Zone back up service client

Back Up Service

Keep Booking Jobs Even After Hours

Don’t need our contact center services every hour of the day? Sometimes, you may only need our assistance during certain hours, such as during the weekends or after your posted work hours. Or maybe you need someone to answer the phones when you’re tied up on the job. In these cases, we are happy to offer our Backup Service plan. You handle the phone calls while you can, and when you’re unavailable, we’ll provide call center services for you.

With the Backup Service plan, we can answer up to 100 calls per month for you. However, the Email Response Team and the Leads Response Team are unavailable to you on this plan.

Get in touch with the Nth Zone™ Contact Center today and unchain yourself from the phone!

Our call center services, along with our email response and lead response services, will give your business the means to thrive. Why wait to get started?

Training Courses

We are happy to answer the phone for you, but sometimes, you might feel like you should work on personally improving your own phone skills. Wondering why callers keep passing you up for your competitors? Want to learn the basics of earning their business for yourself? Then our very own Melissa Souto is here to help. Melissa is our resident expert when it comes to answering the phone, talking to a caller, and making them into a customer. What’s more, she’s ready to teach you these very same skills so you can earn more appointments for your business, too.

Nth Zone booking expert Melissa Souto can train you how to book jobs

One-on-One Training

Tailored to Your Business

Melissa’s One-on-One training provides you with the resources you need to learn skills for over-the-phone appointment booking. Discover the best ways to respond to inquiries and sell your callers on your services. Additionally, you can request an audit and review of your customer calls so you can receive feedback on your phone behaviors and tips on where precisely to improve.

Virtual Training Course

How to Book More Jobs

Sometimes, people will call your business just to ask about your prices. They might tell you they want to check in with their spouse before they confirm an appointment, then wind up calling your competitors to price-check. Doesn’t this get frustrating?

Melissa can teach you the fundamentals of turning these uncertain callers into confirmed appointments so that you can stop losing business to your competition. Just ask for her LIVE virtual training class, and her invaluable knowledge will be yours to use.

Sign up for either of the above training courses by contacting Melissa at melissa@junkra.com or (984) 302-3459.

Nth Zone booking expert Melissa Souto can train you how to book jobs

The Nth Zone™ Contact Center Advantage

A happy clients speaks to an Nth Zone booking agent
  • Save Time First and Foremost. You will really come to appreciate what the Nth Zone™ Contact Center does for you when you’re no longer answering business calls day in and day out. Save time and live more freely.

  • We Answer as if We’re You. When our agents answer your callers, we identify with your company’s name, leading your potential customers to believe that they are speaking with local agents from your business.

  • Monitored Closing Rates. To ensure the professionalism and the quality of our contact center staff, we monitor our closing rates. That way, our work always reflects what we promise to you: more customers and more appointments.

  • Inexpensive Prices. When you work with us, you will pay a monthly access fee, along with an additional small charge each time we book an appointment for you. You don’t have to pay an arm and leg for call center services with us!

Client Testimonial

With the Nth Zone™ Contact Center, you can book more appointments and stop wasting time on the phone. But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from this satisfied client instead:

“The call center has been phenomenal. It’s cleared up my schedule so I can have a little bit of a regular life while I continue to build this brand.”

– Grady Brain, Contact Center Client

Earn Freedom from the Phone

Your days of being interrupted by phone calls during work appointments and personal free time are over. With the Nth Zone™ Contact Center, you don’t have to be a slave to your phone any longer!